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The community is specially established for our fans and families. This is also an online space for you to share your experiences, feelings or thoughts about our products, technical problems, or any other information that are helpful, informative and fun. You will find many smart and enthusiastic people and learn more from them.

Our Good Prospect for This community

We hope this community is helpful and meaningful to join for you. So our great prospect for our community is:
1.Friendly: please be polite to ask questions and share your thoughts and suggestions with adequate language and moods. personal attacks and offensive language will not be permitted.

2.Helpful: share contents that can really help yourself and others, or can bring fun to others by sharing your stories.

3.Active and negative: we are so glad that you’re here and we hope you will be active to create negative conversations in our community.

4.Understanding: there may be many newbies in our community. If you are a regular user, please be patient to provide suggestions in details.

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There are three ways for you to interact with the BESTEK community.
1.Post a thread
Before posting a thread, take a look at the different sections or categories carefully and learn how everything is organized as well as how the thread is posted. The find the correct category where you can share your thoughts.

2.Post a comment
Comments are a lovely way to talk about the stories, forum posts, and reviews you find on the community. You can comment on any thread to let others know your different suggestions or ideas by following the conversation you’re interested in. Here are three tips for starting a comment:

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2)Recommend: click the “Recommend” link to vote up a comment and see it get more love and affection from the site.

3)Flag: this is the link you use to report a post to the moderators.

3.Get in touch: if you have any question or any new tips, please contact the moderator via support@bestekmall.com.

In order to help you to post a thread or comment correctly, here are some posting tips for you:
1.Thread titles should be legible and directly related to your thread’s content.

2.Threads should contain appropriate, helpful, and meaningful content.

3.Search for similar threads before posting your own. We may have had this discussion or answered your question already.

4.Post your thread in the relevant category. Do not spam or re-post.

5.Keep posts on-topic. Take the sidetracked conversation to the private messages.

Rules for This community

To join this community and help build this community better, there are some rules you should know and obey when you post a thread, a comment or have any action in this community. We hope to keep the conversation here friendly, engaging, helpful, and productive. We may get your comment or forum post removed and quite possibly get you banned. In the following circumstances:

1.Spam: Zero tolerance, of course! If it comes from a human or a robot, spam will be deleted. This includes self-promotion. Generally speaking, promoting your projects here will be treated like any other spam.

2.Personal attacks: Don’t attack or insult another user. It’s not helpful and it doesn’t make The Verge a friendly place. This includes calling other members trolls.

3.Doxxing: Don’t reveal someone else’s personal information.

4.Illegal activities: Posting links to illegal downloads, ways to steal service, and another nefarious activity is not OK here.

5.NSFW material: Nope, not allowed. Even images or links that could be considered borderline are not acceptable. A good rule of thumb is that anything beyond PG-13 will get you in trouble, but we reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive. This goes for pornographic material, vile language, gore, and generally gross stuff.

6.Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: Attacking entire classes of people is just like attacking a single person: we’ll ban you for it.

7.Trolling: ”Trolling” is a big, messy term, but we know what trolls are and we won’t tolerate it. If you’re abusing the good conversations here at The Verge, we will take your comments and posts down. This includes taking a thread off-topic, by the way.

8.Spreading misinformation: We are not a platform for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation and will remove posts promoting obvious falsehoods.

9.Complaining about coverage: We cover a wide array of topics, not all of which are easy, comfortable, or reflective of your personal views. This applies doubly to review scores. While we’re not against discussions of our coverage, plainly stated accusations of bias are usually an indication that you’re not trying to be a productive member of the community.

10.Commenting on someone’s physical appearance, voice, or style: Let’s keep the discussion to the content, please. Even if you’re writing what you consider a compliment, it will be removed.

11.Multiple accounts and throwaway emails: We don’t allow multiple accounts per user. Using a disposable email address signals to us that you might not be here for the right reasons. You also may not create accounts designed to impersonate another person.

12.Cross-posting: Don’t make duplicate posts across different forums — it clogs things up and fractures the conversation.