500 Watt through cigarette lighter???

The FAQ for the 500W inverter states that it can supply 500W through the cigarette lighter. How is that possible if most car cigarette lighter circuits use 15A fuses? 15A x 12V is only 180W.

Hello, thanks for your post, I have submitted your question to our product manager, hopefully to get back to you soon. :grinning:

The standard input method of the 500W inverter is to connect the battery with clip wires and terminals, considering convenient to use, we have additionally configured a cigarette lighter cable. when the device load under 150W, it can be used directly through the cigarette lighter in the car, which is more convenient. However, this type of use is limited to the fuses configured by the car itself. Generally, the fuses of small family cars are 10A, which can support a maximum output of 150W. SUV models or some manufacturers’ models have fuses of 15A, 20A, and can support a maximum of 225W, 300W Output. But these all depend on the configuration of the car itself, and have nothing to do with the power of the inverter. If you want to use 500W load appliances through the inverter, they can only be connected to the battery through the standard clip cable. Hope this info helps.