BESTEK Official Website Domain Has Been Changed!


Dear valued customers, investors, and partners,

BESTEK would like to announce our changing of official website domain and email address as below:
From 12/17/2019, BESTEK two websites - for consumers and for wholesales, will use the same official website domain -

BESTEK made this decision for the purpose of enhancing the BESTEK brand philosophy and helping you comprehensively know about BESTEK.

To ensure the consistency of the BESTEK brand image across all forms of communications, the domain of all the BESTEK related email addresses will be changed by following the website domain. We would appreciate it if you could update the new BESTEK email domain in your own contact book.

Example: will be changed to will be changed to

BESTEK still keeps the old domain and for some time, so that you can have enough time to update in your contact book. Within this period, emails sent to and can still reach BESTEK’s Inbox automatically, but we may reply to you by

The time is not determined yet when BESTEK will deactivate the old domain including and, and only receive emails via Please keep in touch with us and get further notice.

We hope that you will pay attention to this very important change and update it as soon as possible.


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We are always here to help you ----BESTEK :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats on your new site :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: