BIG NEWS ! Welcome to BESTEK New Community and Test Club!

Hi Bestek fans,
To build a better community, and receive voices from all BESTEK fans, we are here to update BESTEK Comunity. :smile:

What’s new about BESTEK Community: Home, Forum, Test Club, User ’s Reviews .

A.News & Announcements
B. Deals & Giveaways
C. General & Product Discussion
D. Questions & Answers
E. Product Reviews

2.Test Club
1)At least 1 activity/month.
2)Anyone joins in gets Points.
3)Points equal Exclusive discount.
4)Excellent reviews will be picked up on the Community Homepage&Facebook Fan page.
5)Brand ambassadors will be selected testers.
6)All BESTEK brand products would be sent to ambassadors for free.

How to enter the Test Club?
1)Log in to join the Test Club. Anybody has a BESTEK account and join in can get points.
2)Share the test club activity on your Facebook or any groups to help you get points.
3)Anyone of your friends through your links to join in, both of you get points.
4)10 testers will be picked up from the application lists and will be sent the free sample.
5)Those who pass the review will get points and a 10% discount will be sent to you for the next order.
6) Every tester is required to submit a review through"My Center", within a week after receiving this product.
a. Once the review is published, you’ll get  30  points.
b. A 10% discount will be provided for your next order.
c. Excellent reviews will be picked up on the homepage of the Community.
7)  20% discount will be provided once your points reach 60 points.
8) Brand Ambassador will be picked based on the tester’s excellent reviews and comments. You’ll enjoy all the BESTEK brand products by sending you all the free samples.

3.User’s Reviews
This part is for sharing and showing all reviews from BESTEK users.
1, All BESTEK users are welcome to write and post original articles on BESTEK products.
2, Excellent articles will be picked up on the Community Homepage and Facebook Fan page to get more exposure on BESTEK official brand website.
BESTEK has 100M happy users globally and more than 580K+ fans on the Facebook Fan page.
3, Excellent reviewers will be awarded as BETSEK Brand Ambassador.

Let’s check how to write an excellent review article?
Let’s join in the test club now: BESTEK 3-Outlet Cubic Power Strip

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