Free Testing | BESTEK 8-outlet Charging Station

Hey guys,

BESTEK free testing program is finally online now.
The first free test product from BESTEK in 2020 is the 8-outlet Charging Station .

Gift Features:
• 8-Outlet Surge Protector(1500J) USB Power Strip with 6-foot heavy-duty power cables
• 40W 6 Smart USB Charging Ports with intelligent recognition function
• Desktop Tower Design is ideal for charging multiple devices
• Two independent switches and unique photosensitive USB LED indicator
• Built-in SAFETY DOOR to protect kids from unexpected electric shock
• Safety Guarantee: ETL Listed, built-in surge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, over current protection

Take part in our amazing FREE Testing activity and get BESTEK All-in-one Power Strip for your desk!

Enter to Win:

:sunny: 1.Leave your comment below letting us know your testing plan:

Your Testing Plan should include:

  • Which feature is most attractive for you of this power strip>>>;
  • Where you’re going to post your review (Facebook, Instagram, on the community, etc);
  • Any other creative ideas you have to make your review stand out from the crowd

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Other Rules:

  1. US only.

  2. Starts Feb. 20th 0:00 PDT, ends Mar.10th 23:59 PDT.

  3. Winners will be selected by BESTEK official and will be announced under this thread and BESTEK fans group on Mar. 12th. Pls claim your gift before the Mar. 20th.

  4. BESTEK will send you an email by asking your shipping address, please ensure that the email address is a valid one and owned by you.

  5. Review Requirements: All testers are required to post your review pictures or links under this thread within two weeks after you received it. This would let you gain more chances for free samples of new launches.

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If you are living out of US, pls also leave comments with your country or district,

the free testing will come soon.

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Product Name: BESTEK 8-outlet Charging Station

:heart: Winner Announcement Date: Mar. 12, 2020 :heart:

5 Free 8-outlet Power Station Testers Lists:
:heart: @tiga31328 @jmdaniel1960 @asiagarrison24 @kathicake1 @monicaMiu :heart:
Good luck to all of you


Thanks for the opportunity! :slight_smile:

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Tips for Winning:

:sunny: 1.Leave your comment below letting us know your testing plan
Your Testing Plan should include:

  • Which feature is most attractive for you of this power strip>>>;
  • Where you’re going to post your review (Facebook, Instagram, on the community, etc);
  • Any other creative ideas you have to make your review stand out from the crowd

:sunny: 2. Like, share and tag friends to join the event to stand extra chances.


Hi Tiga, leave your testing plan in the comment will let you get bigger chance to win. Good luck. :grinning:

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Charging station, test the convenience of the size, I actually would use it in different locations using different electrical devices, curling iron, blow dryer, flat iron, and of course portable smart devices, my review would also include photos.

Test Plan:

Verify device stability in multiple environments.
Test output of each individual port.
Test output of all ports simultaneously.
Test all port voltages throughout test plan.
Do real world testing of device charging rates.
Test fit and feel of the design, and port usage when plugging in a connection, removing it, and at rest in the device.


I would test it by using my multiple monitor laptop setup over to it from my current power-bars, and switch the USB devices to it from the current series of chargers.
Also will see if there is room for the remote control outlet devices to plug in.

I want to test the Bestek 8 Outlet charging station because I am looking for a product that will help me with all products that need charging. I want this product to do a review on Instagram and Facebook. I love giving opinions about new products and have done over 200 reviews on amazon. My opinions matter and I love giving feedback about new products. My opinions matter. I want to show my friends what great products are available to them. I would test this product and see how long it takes to charge different devices such as ipad, phone, curling iron, earbuds, facial devices that I use everyday.

I would like to share this with my geek family. :upside_down_face:

Connecting television.2 Android TV boxes… wireless phone… internet router .about cell phones…game console…I do think will all.having different charging voltage. It would be interesting to see how hot it gets…:grin::grin::grin::+1::+1::+1:…and thanks for the opportunity…

I would first test every single plug at one time, and then I would introduce a surge to detect if that is working. Then I would like to find the most convenient location for the Charging station, and I would use a complete battery drained phone and plug it in and time the speed accuracy of charge. I would check out the automatic device detection to see what exactly it does to let me be aware, and how it tells me it is plugged. Then I have one other question about the top of the charger. Is it a Qi charger ?

we have 4 cell phones and would like to use on trips. or at home to charge many at one time. also tablets will be charged along with phones. Ipads.

My Testing Plan would be to put it to everyday use by replacing my current power strip and individual USB chargers. I would use for my laptops and phones to keep them charged while I am working. I love that it combines power and usb outlets, that makes things so much more convenient. I will post my review on instagram, twitter, Facebook, and amazon. My review will include pictures.

I would definitely use this on our home desk since eight of us use it so it will be great for all of us to be able to charge at the same time

This would be perfect for my new house, I will share my using experience in BESTEK community here if I had chance testing it, God bless me :innocent:

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This is actually cool i would love to have my devices all together would would include my phones my two laprops i have as well as charging my battery for my electric scooter as well this would be great. If I’m chosen I have facebook, Instagram, twitter and snapchat and will share multiple times a day. PICK ME HAHAHA.

This charging station would be great as a central hub for my busy family. We have a lot of electronics and the fact that it has quick charging and would be shock proof for the kids is a huge plus!

I would plan to post the review on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the word out to as many people as possible.

If all goes well this might be replacing all of our power strips and surge protectors, and I would spread the love and give a number of these to the rest of the family!! Thanks for the opportunity

There’s actually two features that caught my eye immediately: 1. You can charge multiple devices (8) simultaneously 2. The safety features that is provided from the built-in surge protection, circuit protection, overload protection, etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself needing to charge all (6) of my devices (2 phones, iPod, iPad, headphones, & Apple pen) and didn’t have enough plugs, or I was hogging all the outlets in the house and no one else could use them (sorry, not sorry :slight_smile:) This would be so perfect for me and my housemates. I can be considerate and still charge all my devices when I want :star_struck:.

I usually post reviews on the company’s website, but I can totally post a review on Facebook about my experience, and how my housemates love :two_hearts: me again now that I’m being a nice roomie :smirk: by using this product. I can also post lots of pictures, maybe throw in a video of it’s placement in my room to accommodate my needs. Who knows?? :face_with_monocle: I’ll play it by ear.

I gonna test this in my home office, with multiple laptops and macbooks. I will post reviews on the Facebook and Twitter.

I think the most attarctive feature is the power plugs have some space between them… no wasted plug because of a large plug blocking the way. I look forward to posting this on Facebook, along with a video.