#Reddot Design Award# - BESTEK Electric Toothbrush Giveaway:200 testers are needed in total!

Hey BESTEK Fans,

Finally, after 2 years of research and development, our brand-new BESTEK electric toothbrush will be available.

We are eager to hear detailed feedback, no matter bad or good, BESTEK will, as always, strive to make every customer happy.

To learn more, and share your reviews and showcase reports with more people, please go to this new page and post: Reddot Design Award | M-Care Toothbrush Set & UV Sanitizer | Crowdfunding Invitation .

In short, here are 2 ways to get the FREE toothbrush:

#1 Make your comments by below:

a. Asking any questions and concerns about this newly released toothbrush, We will try to answer in detail.
The samples would be sent to the one who has the best questions & feedback, as well as the one who needs it most.

b. Letting us know your requirements or expectations to the toothbrush you are looking for.
In addition, once your suggestions are adopted and used in the new version of our electric toothbrush, you’ll be invited to test the upgraded sample provided for free.

c. Leaving comments below, including Name, Type of review (Video/Photograph or others)| Where you will post the review. (It will be a plus for you to let us know the estimated number of your audience).

#2 To Learn more about the toothbrush & apply for a free trial,click here:

a. Submit by mail to join. The FREE tester will be selected from submissions & get early birds discount at least 40% OFF.
*Your information is secure with us.

Tips for Winning:

Boosting winning chances by contributing in many ways
Inviting more friends and family members to join the event. All of you will have a priority to get the chance of free trial by tagging each other (Applications as a group would be preferred)
The meaningful feedback& correct info submitted shall be the key to win

End time : Sept. 15th 23:59 PST.
Announcement date : Aug. 15th / Aug. 30th / Sept.10th on the forum here and BESTEK Electric Toothbrush Tester Club (winners will get the notification emails as well)

Other rules:

  1. Open to US,CA, UK,FR, DE,IT,ES,JP.

  2. All testers are required to share the review ( the shipment updates, unboxing pictures/videos are also welcomed) below this post ***after receiving the product within 10 days ***, to help others learn more about this toothbrush.

  3. Harassment in any manner or form in forum, including via email or chat or by obscene or abusive is strictly forbidden.

  4. BESTEK reserves the rights to edit any and all of the rules and requirements concerning this event.

  5. 200 testers in total and winners will be selected from this forum, FB and website email subscribers. The number of winners from each platform will be announced here, but the winners from subscription will not be listed here in order to protect personal privacy.

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☆☆ After you got the FREE toothbrush ☆☆

  1. If you experience any problem with a product, pls contact us via support@bestekmall.com

  2. Share your reviews of the toothbrush on social media is also appreciated. (pls do remember to tag our official account)

  3. Click the page Reddot Design Award | M-Care Toothbrush Set & UV Sanitizer | Crowdfunding Invitation . and Share your test reviews is appreciated.

  4. Popular & professional testers will be invited to become BESTEK Annual Super Reviewers , to divide up to $10000 valued BESTEK products during the whole year

  5. The people who get the free trial without any response would be removed from future promotions

Good luck & Happy sharing!

BESTEK Marketing Team

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Product Name: BESTEK M-Care Electric Toothbrush

:heart: The first group of testers announced date: Aug. 15, 2019 :heart:

Forum Testers: 10 winners in total

Email subscribers: 70 winners in total and will be announced directly by email due to personal privacy.

:heart: The second group of testers announced date: Aug. 30, 2019 :heart:

Forum testers: 6 winners
@kengumbs, @babygirlcrazyk2005, @jdsperko, @jgn, @DEP, @holstine84,

FB testers: 3 winners
@eric cabel, @Danyel Leigh Walentin,@Alyssa Marie Ortiz

Email subscribers: 51 winners in total and will be announced directly by email due to personal privacy.

:heart:The last group of testers announced date: Sep. 10, 2019 :heart:

Forum testers: 3 winners
@inuyasha.lovehina, @alexandra.alvarado93, @chemica88

Email subscribers: 57 winners in total and will be announced directly by email due to personal privacy.

Congratulations to all the testers above! An email will be sent to the forum testers and also the testers selected from all submissions. Please pay attention to your mailbox.

All of the participants can also get an over 40% off coupon code to get this toothbrush after the product is officially released.

Sincerely thank you so much to give us so many good suggestions. All of the advice has been sent to our engineers for further revision and improvement.

We are sorry that we have to take more time to send you the samples in order to improve it & offer you better user experience. Delivery time will be notified separately here. Please understand and wait for the update patiently.


#Update on 21st Aug.#
#9 days left for the second winner announcement#

Thanks for all advices,There are still around 150pcs left here for applicants . Get it for all FREE soon ~

For the more official announcement, winners announcement, discount info and so on about this Electric Toothbrush, welcome to join BESTEK Official Group - Electric Toothbrush Tester Club :wink:

Things You Must Know:

  1. To ensure the user experience of BESTEK customers, we provide a 24-month warranty for this electric toothbrush.
  2. If you purchase the toothbrush on our online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc., please be sure to register your order on Register Page to get an additional 6 months warranty, which means you can get 30 months warranty in total.

So glad to be one of the first group of testers of BESTEK M-Care electronic toothbrush :innocent:

I have this toothbrush for about 2 weeks, yeah, as you see, the blue one.

Firstly, it was the blue color that caught my sight, this is really nice color.
Then, I started to notice that there are some small designs within it, like the Soft Rubber Tongue Brush Head, it helps clean the tongue to reduce plaque. And the PP materials and TPE rubber coatings, safe to use.

What I like most:

  1. The all-in-1 travel case: the small case, helps me save space when traveling, also I can put it into my small bags.

  2. Wireless charger: I don’t have to bring the charger when I go out for more than 3 weeks, just bring the travel case with the brush.

All-in-1 travel case&Wireless charger, surprise, I found, when charging, the brush could be freely put into the case, no matter the case is kept upright or flat, and the case can protect the toothbrush from damages when the case is kept flat and no falling down.

You’ll never want to go back to use the traditional toothbrush if you have an electronic toothbrush.
Eager to get the discount code when it’s available, It’s necessary for each family member to have this genius.

Last, I had my first electronic toothbrush 12 years ago.


Apply for the test and sample: :relaxed:

Personally, I like this M-Care electronic toothbrush very much. Hope I can get a sample to test.

It’s the first time to see there are two keys on one toothbrush: 1)the Mode Switch and On/off Button, 2)the Timer.
This design seems very useful, I like to brush my teeth for more than 3minuts.

I would love to write an article for reviewing it on the travel blog I am writing for.
I am also willing to share my experience here if it helps others to make the decision to give it a try.

My husband bought BESTEK 300W and 1000W Power inverter for his car, and we use your Universal travel adapter for each international traveling.

Thanks, BESTEK :heart:


Really happy at the time when the BESTEK M-Care electric toothbrush arrived.:grin::grin::grin::grin:

It was perfectly packaged with a nice box. I think it is also a great idea to give it as a present for your family or friends. :heart_eyes_cat:

This is my first time to use an electric toothbrush. I have to say, it is so great! It protects my teeth and gums from injuries due to hard brushing. It is more convenient than a manual toothbrush. Really recommended.

Thanks, BESTEK! I will get another one for my mom.


I’m feeling so lucky when noted to be selected as one of the first group of this electric toothbrush free trial. Used it for several days and now I feel that I can’t live without it. I think I love the time of brushing my teeth every morning and evening. Especially, I love its brushing mode that allows me to meet my different needs on different status.

Overall, BESTEK M-Care electric toothbrush is the best to keep oral health.
Don’t hesitate to get one like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone wants to wake up in the morning and go to a job that they love. For me, that job would be as brand ambassador at Bestek. Not only would I enjoy every day working for you, but my experience would make me a valuable part of your team.

The most important aspect of being a successful brand ambassador is believing in the product you sell. I have used Bestek’s products for at least 2 years now and have been unofficially working as a brand ambassador for you for years, telling everyone who will listen how much I love your toothbrush line. It is this genuine appreciation for your product that I will share with potential customers.

I look forward to the chance to share my passion with your customers. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

I would love to review this amazing toothbrush across the following social channels:





Thank you for the consideration.

Kindest regards,


I would like to know how soft the bristles are and if replacements will are available in options? I am also hoping to be picked as a “Tester,” as it will be the coolest product I’ve been picked to test so far!

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My name is Kelly and I’d love to leave photograph reviews for you on Facebook and Instagram. I can post it in large groups on Facebook and on my open Instagram with all the hashtags that will get it attention.

The toothbrush looks fantastic, I love the idea of being able to charge it whilst it is inside the case!

I see that this has a selection for whitening and that’s something that I have never heard explained on other brushes with this function. What does this function do differently from the clean function and does it need to be used with a whitening toothpaste or a powder?


Also I’d love to know how to invite people. I have a small group of trusted reviewers that I am sure would love to help!


The pictures already posted show that the toothbrush comes with several brush heads. That makes the brush good for an entire family. There should be some kind of symbol or color coding of the heads so each person will know which brush belongs to which person.

There should be a way to order from a selection of different brush stiffnesses so each person can get a brush head that is suitable for individual needs. Some need stiff, some medium, some soft.

How many brushings will the unit do before it needs a new battery or a recharge? Is it rechargable, which is basically for home use, or does it use batteries, making it good both for home and travel?

The design looks sleek and modern. Good work!

I’d like to have one to test further. I always like to come up with ideas and improvements.



id love to give this toothbrush a try,im currently using a manual toothbrush but i struggle to find one thats just right for my teeth,how long does it take to charge? and is it any good for teeth that are capped or vaneers?how many heads does it come with?
I have accounts on Facebook,twitter,Instagram,pinterest,you tube and i have many followers i would be happy to share a review on each of my accounts.

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I would love to be able to test this. .
I have approximately 200 FB friends. Plus multiple review groups. I have recently decided to start doing video reviews. I have been doing Amazon reviews for many companies for approximately 10 years now.
I do provide in depth, detailed, and honest reviews. With a little humor thrown in.
All pictures taken and uploaded are high quality and sharp. I am professional and wonderful to deal with.

I am just looking for exposure to do product testing as I think it’s fun and work in an office full of people that like to buy things I recommend and depend on me to provide them my professional opinions.

Thanks for this opportunity.

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Hi, I am just starting up a YouTube review channel with Instagram and Facebook pages.
I would love a new electric toothbrush to test, my old one might actually be older than several of my grandchildren.

Apply for the test and sample:

Tooth brush is very important in our life in order to maintain hygiene,
there are some question I concern,

as I got the sensitive gum, is the brush suitable for it?
I am currently using the normal brush but I think it’s too hard.
If I am using the soft brush, it is hard to do the total clean of my teeth.

On the other hand, whitening function is always important to me as I always need to face the public, any brush provide the whitening function as well?

the other question I concern,
is it easy to buy the brush?

Hope I can be your tester,


Hi my name isTabitha. I hope to try this Bestek electric toothbrush. Most don’t stand up to its claims of lasting and ultimate cleansing. My hopes of trying your product would be the opposite with ultimate cleaning, battery lasting, along with durability. It looks like a great product and high hopes of putting it to test. I will do my review across social media that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube. Thank you and hope for the opportunity!


Would love a chance to try this electric toothbrush out. I have sensitive teeth and gums so I am interested to see if it is gentle enough on them. What a great opportunity! Thanks!


I wish I knew about this toothbrush a month or so ago. I purchased one of the other name brand ones for double the price of this electric toothbrush and it doesn’t have all the features this one does.

I would love the opportunity to compare this electric toothbrush. The travel case looks much better than the one I got with my other brand.

Will the new brush heads be available online only? What is the cost for them?

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I’d love the opportunity to test this toothbrush. I’m interested in the weight, how it leaves my mouths feeling, testing the timer (which is very handy), also the power! I’m in Canada, I’d be willing to post on multiple platforms on social media adding I was selected as a tester and promote the product as well. Thank you!

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