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Hi Bestek Fans,

We are hereby announcing that our M-Care Toothbrush Set and UV Sanitizer are both won the Reddot Design Award! This is an affirmation of our product design and undoubtedly a huge honor for us.

More than 300 people participated in M-Care toothbrush Giveaway&review application at the end of 2019, about 200 toothbrushes&Sanitizers were sent to BESTEK fans, influencers, and reporters.

Here we would like to introduce this two product s as below :

:heartbeat:M-Care Toothbrush Set:
Nifty little sonic brush with various functions: M-Care Toothbrush Set

:white_check_mark: Assured to Use: FDA approved
:white_check_mark: Three Cleaning Modes : Standard (medium), Soft (low), and Whitening (high)
:white_check_mark: Three Types Of Brush Heads: One U-shaped and two wavy, a nubbed rubber back for cleaning the tongue.
:white_check_mark: Slim Travel Case With Wireless Charger: Light and handy. Full charge takes about 10 hours, 21 standby days. Plugged into Micro USB to charge if needed.

:heartbeat:UV Sanitizer :
Keep the toothbrush clean from germs for oral care: UV Sanitizer

:white_check_mark: Assured to Use: FCC, CE approved
:white_check_mark: UV Disinfection & Automatical Dryer: 99% of sterilization rate to kill almost all the germs. The automatical dryer device to keep the brush dry and avoid breeding bacterial.
:white_check_mark: Convenient Wireless Charger: Put the toothbrush into the sanitizer, the wireless charger will charge the brush wirelessly.

:boom:Crowdfunding I Invitation :boom:
This M-Care Toothbrush Set and UV Sanitizer will be worldwidely released on Indiegogo this month, around 24th,March.
Fight against bacteria, start with yourself! For you and your family’s oral health, and to be the world’s first batch of experiencers of this product, please go to the page to get earlybird discount.

1: Go sign up the submit your email address in M-Care-Electric-Toothbrush, email for purchasing will be sent once it is available.

2: Fllow our Facebook, Group and community as below and get the latest news!

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Best Regards,
BESTEK Marketing Team

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We are always here to help you, any questions please feel free to contact us ----BESTEK :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @BESTEK for giving me the chance to test their brand new M-Care Electric toothbrush and the UV sanitizer, Following opinions are based on my own.
01 02
What’s in the toothbrush box?
Rechargeable toothbrush handle * 1;
Normal brush head * 1;
U-shaped brush head * 1 ;
Wave-shaped brush head * 1;
Two-in-one travel box * 1;
Data cable * 1,
Exquisite packing box,
Warranty card,
Instruction manual.

What’s in the sanitizer box?
UV electric toothbrush sanitizer * 1; User manual * 1; 3M sticker * 1;
Functions of the Electric toothbrush:

  1. From the toothbrush handle you can see clearly that there are two buttons, one for ON/OFF & mode switch, and the other for the timer, I like the 3 different time settings, every morning I brush my tooth for 2.5m, and 3m before going to bed at night.

  2. The toothbrush comes with 3 different shapes of brush heads, I’ve used the normal shaped one, the whole brush head is a little bit big-sized for me, took me about a week to get used to it. I like the soft rubber with particles on the backside of heads so that I can clean my tongue as well.

  3. 2-in-1 charging. Unlike Philips or Oral-B, The M-care has this amazing small size 2-in-1 charging base, it also a portable travel case. With a micro-USB cable, you can even charge the toothbrush on the computer! That’s perfect for traveling.

  4. The UV sanitizer! To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever been using this kind of product. I wish I had used it earlier. Every time after brushing my tooth, I put the whole brush into the UV sanitizer, next time when I use it, it’s like a brand new one. There is an automatic dryer device to keep the brush dry and avoid breeding bacterial.

I highly recommend this BESTEK M-Care electric toothbrush, not only for your personal use but also for a great gift solution. Anyway I am pleased to receive this electric toothbrush, It won the Red Dot Award and I love it, so I will buy for my family at a crowdfunding event.

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:laughing: You guys are doing great.
I really love the sample you guys sent to me to test , as a loyal user of Bestek, I must say I would also recommend your brand new toothbrush to my friends.


“99% of the sterilization rate to kill almost all the germs. The automatical dryer device to keep the brush dry and avoid breeding bacterial.”

So I’d love to buy some sets for my family, the UV sanitizer is the best gift for people those you care about.

Because of the coronavirus, many people are staying at home, and we are afraid of all unfriendly things to get into our month&nose through the breath.

Now M-Care, cares about our oral health, I’d love to pay for it.


I love this blue toothbrush. It is super easy to use and easy to handle. You can customize your own brushing time, so cool. I am in love with it!! I definitely recommend this product to anyone. It looks so fresh and it works so well that I actually enjoy brushing my teeth. I am not kidding when I say that you must try this product! I promise you will not regret the purchase. It’s well worth it. The UV sanitier can kill 99% off germs and will keep my brush clean, i love all of them032402 032401


This is so nice, I like that every morning I can use a completely clean and dry toothbrush, thanks to this amazing UV sanitizer. I don’t even have to worry about the power cause everytime I put my toothbrush back into the sanitizer, it’s been charged automatically.

I have been using Sonicare brushes over 3 years, but now I’m so glad I could replace it with Bestek M-Care toothbrush. In the past, I clean my family’s toothbrushes a couple times a week with a white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide soak. With this sanitizer, I can easy to clean toothbrushes by the UV light and hot dryer.

I was truly convinced after one week cleaning. It works better this removes plaque and tarter than my old toothbrush. By the way, The battery can last longer than 3 weeks, and featured with a portable case, very convenient for these travelers like me. I am so satisfied with this Electric toothbrush!



My first time using an Electric toothbrush, thank you so much @BESTEK, it’s much convenient to use, I wish I had used one earlier! I like the whitening mode and love to set the 3 minutes timer, I felt my tooth is much brighter now. The travel case also the charging case is slim design, I can take it along on my next trip. Wonderful!


In recent years, an electric toothbrush becomes more and more popular for people to protect oral health.BESTEK toothbrush, named M-Care which aims to care more about your oral health, is such a high-tech item that can help people to protect their oral health and keep a good oral care lifestyle much easily and effectively no matter where they go.

How does the Bestek M-Care make my teeth feel? Amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There are 3 modes to choose from with the default being standard. You can adjust the brushing modes from Standard Mode, Soft Mode, to Whitening Mode according to your personal needs.You also get 30-second pauses to let you know when to move on to the next cleaning quadrant of your mouth.
Now there are so many people love traveling all over the world. Take that into consideration, BESTEK also designed a portable travel case for the electric toothbrushes.It is easy to take and store by your bag or luggage. The brush can be stored in the travel case which is designed with many small air holes to make it dry and clean from the dust. You don’t need to find another plastic or cases to specially store the brushes.
What’s more, the travel case is not only a storage case, but also a wireless charger. Built-in wireless induction charging base, the travel case can charge the electric toothbrush anytime and anywhere by just placing it in the case, and can last more than 3 weeks after a single full charge with built-in a 800mAh lithium battery.

Made of high quality food-level PP materials and TPE rubber coatings, and also FDA certification listed, BESTEK electric toothbrushes is safe and reliable to use.The brush head is replaceable and IP67 waterproof. You can remove the head off and clean it directly in water. Moreover, waterproof materials can prevent electricity leakage to keep you safe.

To sum up, BESTEK electric toothbrushes are functional, rechargeable, and portable with a travel case. It could be the best way to help you protect your oral health no matter at home or traveling all over the world.

I got to try out the Bestek Electric toothbrush. Overall I thought it was a good value and if your coming from a normal toothbrush this will be a welcome addition. I’m new to electric toothbrushes so when I got my first one I was looking forward to making the switch after hearing how they cleaned your teeth better and more efficiently.

What you get in the package is one electric tooth brush, charging dock, travel case, three tooth brush heads as will as a micro usb charger. A small instruction booklet is included but I found the use of it was pretty straight forward. The toothbrush has three vibration settings each ranging from soft to hard. What I also liked was the fact that the toothbrush had a variable timing option. This was welcome since the electric toothbrush I currently have lacks this feature.

The brushing experience was good. The standard setting was firm and I noticed was stronger than mine. The design is nice it felt good in the hand and had a nice balance. Liked the chrome buttons which added a touch of high end looks to the toothbrush. I appreciate the three brush heads also provided with the unit. If your coming from a regular toothbrush I highly recommend to make the change to the electric one. image image

I received my Bestek electric toothbrush and here are some of my thoughts after trying the brush for the first time. To begin with I would like to thank Bestek for the unit they gave me. The toothbrush comes in a very nice package. It reminded me a lot like an Apple product box. When I opened it the box had three brush heads, a usb charging cable, charging dock and travel case included.

The toothbrush itself was well designed, The touch of color was also very nice. The size of the brush was on the bigger side for me but overall it didn’t make holding the toothbrush uncomfortable. As I brushed my teeth I really felt the different modes of vibration. The softer setting, I found was perfect for my gums while the standard setting was just fine for my teeth. The brush also pauses and restarts to let me know when to change my brushing positions. This feature was nice because it guides you thru the brushing.

Some other thoughts I had was the travel case that comes with it was a thing to have as I enjoy traveling a lot. One thing I noticed tho is that cleaning the inside of the case might be challenging. I know bestek also has a Brush sanitizer that might be useful and I might check that out if I go for extensive traveling. Overall if you have been brushing with a regular toothbrush this is a step up offering nice features and a pleasing design and colors.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.10.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.10.22 PM
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.11.33 PM

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I have used several electric toothbrushes before. Now trying this brand, it feels pretty good. This electric toothbrush has the following good points:

  1. Three vibration adjustment modes. My front teeth have been decayed and have been treated with fillings, so it is very sensitive. This product allows me to choose different vibration modes when brushing different teeth

  2. Three time adjustment modes. Because my gums are very sensitive, they are not suitable for brushing my teeth for too long. But I tend to feel dazed when I brush my teeth, or think about a lot of things. So I set up a 2-minute mode, which worked great for me.

  3. 30 seconds time reminder. As mentioned in the second point above, since it is easy to get distracted, this reminder function can remind me to change the position of brushing my teeth on time.

In summary, this product is very suitable for me and worth recommending.

I am luckily to be invited to participate the testing of BESTEK new released electric toothbrush.This is an amazing product,design is very beautiful and the packaging is exquisite and high-end.Here I would like to tell you some features of the product.

This electric toothbrush is packed with 3 replaceable toothbrush heads.This allow you to change different type of brush heads at different time.The wavy or U-shaped bristles are very elastic and fit the teeth very well.I feel it can deeply clean all parts of the teeth and can clean tooth plaque effectively.There are 2 buttons on the toothbrush control panel,one for adjusting the vibration mode(Soft, Standard, Whitening),the other for adjusting the brushing time.It is easy to change between the 3 modes during brushing tooth,you can set one mode as usual use per to your brushing habits.The brushing time has 3 choices, 2min, 2.5min, 3min.

I have been using it for several weeks and feel that my teeth are whiter than before.It really works and I feel so happy with the changes.I have also tested when it was fully charged,you can normally use for 2 weeks or longer.Seems the battery capacity and working time is pretty good! So happy with this BESTEK M-Care Electric toothbrush,I will buy more for my family and recommend it to all my friends.


I had an EasyClean for about 5 years that was still working perfectly and gave it to my partner. I wanted a new toothbrush, Just then, I received the electric toothbrush experience test from BESTEK,thank for BESTEK.

After trying the toothbrush for the first time I actually didn’t really like it compared to my old toothbrush.However I told myself to at least try it for a week and see if I changed my mind.After one week, I am beginning to realize just how much effort I am saving. No furious scrubbing back and forth and up and down, just slowly moving the head from one tooth to another with a little bit of tilting here and there. Sometimes I have a second go just because its kind of relaxing and I get lost in my thoughts.
My teeth have never felt this clean at home! Only after a dental appointment with all the gritty bits and water pistol rinsing and anxiety and mess. It’s amazing! I even didn’t brush this morning to see how long the feeling would last, and it’s almost noon and still… smooth and clean!

This toothbrush is so, so powerful and has an amazing battery life!It’s definitely more powerful than my EasyClean, which is great!

I really like the charging case,it can charge my toothbrush when I was working.
The UV sanitizer can kill bacteria and keep brushes clean,also charging.I put it in a UV sanitizer after I brush my teeth every day now.

Love the BESTEK electric tooth brushes, portable with batteries for vacation trip.I’m grateful to BESTEK for inviting me to experience this wonderful product. It worked great and is still going strong after 3 weeks on the road.It comes with 2 extra toothbrush head and it’s own charging port. There are 3 different settings of vibration,standard,soft and whitening.Also toothbrush are 3 different time site. I like that it also let’s you know when you have brushed for 2 minutes! It makes a pulsing vibration to let you know it has been 2 minutes. In short it is the best gift choice.
6 3 4

**BESTEK Electric Sonic Toothbrush with wireless charging stand and UV Disinfection Dry BoxIMG_0185.HEIC.JPG IMG_0184.HEIC.JPG IMG_0187.HEIC.JPG **
Iput: 5V
Battery Capacity:800mAh
Standby Time:Up to 21hours
Charging Time:10hours
Vibration Frequency:3100time/min
Waterproof Level: IP67
Brushing Mode:Standard,Soft,Whitening
Time Setting: 2min,2.5min,3.0min

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I’m so amazed on how amazing this Bestek toothbrush is! I received it in March and have been using it ever since.

The Bestek electric toothbrush comes with

  • 1 portable travel box (wireless charging
  • 3 brush heads
  • Detailed instructions
  • USB charging cable
    The standby time on this toothbrush is 21days until it needs to be recharged which I think is really great. The bristles are very easy to clean after each brushing session. I like that on the back of the brush heads, there is a tongue brush head. You would change the brush head every 3 months as recommended. The buttons to turn the toothbrush on and off is very sleek and simple.

What I love the most about this toothbrush is that it has 3 brushing settings •Standard •Soft •Whitening These are great when you are wanting a more simple brushing experience vs a more deep cleaning. The Bestek toothbrush also has the ability to time your brushing sessions. Yes I said it times your brushing sessions. No more singing the happy birthday song in your head with this tooth brush. On the tooth brush the times are shown

  • 2 .0 min
  • 2.5 min
  • 3.0 min
    Every 30 seconds that the brush is on, you will feel/hear the brush make a quick 1 second pause and continue. I like this feature a lot cause it allows me to spend 3 seconds brushing each of the four parts of my mouth.

The toothbrush has an battery indication light on the front right under the time indications. When it’s green, it’s fully charged and red when it’s dying. The charge time is 10 hours. I can’t remember if I mentioned this but this toothbrush is WATERPROOF! So use it in the shower if that’s how you brush or just over the sink. Water will not damaged this brush. Of course wipe it down when finished and your good to go.

Overall this tooth brush is a game changer for me. It does the work for me with my guidance along the way. I get that perfect clean every time. I definitely recommend you guys check out their electric toothbrush because it’s so worth it.


my high end toothbrush with bluetooth connector died

when I try to obtain warranty - got told only 6 month warranty on high end toothbrush - give me a break

and by luck of the draw Bestek offer me they toothbrush to test

I use it twice and love it already good quality device for daily use to keep my mouth clean and healthy

Good quality all around product

it came sealed

after charging it

I use it in the afternoon and tonight

you could spend $200 on the toothbrush just paying for a hype and brand name and after 10 months is dead

this Bestek toothbrush is better and stronger I would say better build from ground up

This days is not easy go figure… I love my new toothbrush as it better than my old high end toothbrush

it well build/designed and feels like a quality product in your hand and fitdoes outperforms the competition 4 to 5 times over also it not heavy in your hand but do the job and feel strong vibration to clean your teeth’s - right :slightly_smiling_face:

a must buy if you need a good toothbrush

I have had a number of electric toothbrushes over the years from various manufacturers at various price points. As a result I have found some features that I love and some that I don’t care for and after using the Bestek electric toothbrush I can say I am definitely happy with it. At the price it is hard to beat in relation to comparable toothbrushes.

What I like:

I like the ‘sonic’ vibrating head. I have had electric toothbrushes in the past that have a rotating head which I do not like as much. I also like the speed of the vibrations, it does not feel like a cheap slow toothbrush.

I love the various modes (standard, soft and whitening). One of the main reasons I use an electric toothbrush is because my dentist has told me I brush too hard with a manual toothbrush and tear up my gums, so the ‘soft’ mode is definitely a plus for me.

I love that you can adjust the time (2, 2.5, 3 min). I have not seen this feature on other toothbrush models (I did have a mode that had a ‘deep clean’ that was a longer time than standard, but you couldn’t directly change time).

The toothbrush has good weight to it, it does not feel cheap or poorly made, It is solid and feels nice.

I love that it comes with 3 brush heads and is rechargeable and that it comes in various colors.

Suggestions for improvement (or features I liked on other toothbrushes):
I understand to keep costs low and make a toothbrush affordable, you can’t have every feature out there and you have to pick and choose some, these are just features I have liked on other toothbrushes I have had…

UV sanitizer built into the charger (I did not get the UV sanitizer to test/use, just the base package, but a UV sanitizer built into the travel case would be nice for trips)

Pressure sensor on the brush head (I have had past models that if you pushed too hard, a red light lit up to warn you about pressure on your gums)

I wish the charging base was a little heavier or more solid. I LOVE that the charging base is integrated into the carrying case so you can travel easily with it all. I just wish there was a separate base or a nicer base for charging at home. Something that would look nice sitting on the bathroom counter (perhaps a heavy disc that you just set the toothbrush on to charge it or something)

Some past models I have had allowed you to store 2 brush heads in the carrying case for travel with your spouse etc.

Other than that, this is a great toothbrush that I am definitely happy with!

My wife and I have been using this combo set for about a month now and we’ve both absolutely fallen in love. I was previously using a much cheaper electric toothbrush and it really just didn’t do as good of a job as I wanted to. Due to me having a permanent retaining behind my bottom teeth I have a hard time with plaque build up in the area. This toothbrush has really done an awesome job keeping that down and we both actually look forward to using this toothbrush now! It’s actually so much more powerful that my other toothbrush that my gums were a little sore after my first use, totally my fault there as I was using WAY too much pressure.

The UV sanitizer was a really nice surprise that I wasn’t expecting at all. We both just throw the toothbrush in the sanitizer when we’re done and by the time the next one of us goes to use it, it’s sanitized and dried off from the built-in fan. Really well thought out design.

I would definitely recommend this kit from @BESTEK. It’s really a superb buy and does everything you want an electric toothbrush to do!toothbrush2 toothbrush1