Review Example: BESTEK M-Care Sonic Toothbrush Review

The following is a test article written by users who have previously obtained our electric toothbrushes, which is also published for reference:

The @BESTEK toothbrush does a wonderful job of cleaning my teeth. All my criticisms are meant to be constructive in order to help @BESTEK improve a wonderful product. The cleaning itself is superior to rotating brushes and manual toothbrushes. The @BESTEK also shows superior design esthetics in appearance and function.


The unit is meant only for one person. The brush heads have no color-coding or other method for allowing a couple or a family to have individually marked brush heads. There is no provision for holding a second person’s brush head either with the UV unit or the travel case. Two people do not need two handles, after all, especially while traveling, while requiring a family to have multiple charging stations competing for wall space and electrical outlets is wildly impractical.


The travel case has no provision for storing the charging cable. I assume that any powered USB port will charge the brush, since nothing specific is stated in the directions. A clear statement of how long it takes to recharge the handle via USB would also be useful.


The type of battery used in the unit is not stated. This would be useful in determining recycling at the end of the unit’s life. By the way, how long do you expect the unit to last?


All in all, it is my opinion that the @BESTEK is superior to my existing rotating head brush, so I have switched to using it. Thank you for sending it to me.

Good Article!

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