Share Review! Share $1000!


Have you ever thought to get cash from BESTEK directly?

That’s right!

We’ve got a new project coming now! To focus on collecting testing reviews about BESTEK products. As long as you have BESTEK products, then come on! Unexpected generous rewards are waiting for you! More chances to take cash directly!

By participating this activity, welcome to share all your feelings about the BESTEK products you have, with no special requirements.

But first, let us tell you a little more about this project:

Activity Time: Aug/24/2020-Sept/30/2020
Winner Announced: Oct/2/2020
Note: Winner list will be updated and announced in this post once confirmed,also will be notified by email about the award.

Steps to submit an article:

  1. Leave your email in the comment area to confirm sign up ( cancel the competition list without finish this step)

  2. Log in your account ;

  3. Go to Testing Review, find out “My center” on the upper right corner;

  4. Click “My Article” to enter the new page;

  5. Click “Post Original”;

  6. Finish the review and submit it.

Activity Process:
1, Users publish the testing Review
2, Verified Review by BESTEK
3, Once the review is passed, corresponding rewards will be given according to different awards.

Activity Award :

First prizeCash $1001
Second prize1200W Power Inverter*1pc ($82.99)2
Third prize20% Discount on BESTEK (unlimited Products)5
Fourth prize$20 gift card on Amazon platform10

Testing Review Requirement :
1, Text requirements: Share all the feelings you want to express (Including Pros and Cons, with smooth sentences and rich content);
2, Picture requirements: beautiful product pictures (3 images required at least)
Note: Multiple pictures + text can increase the chance of winning!

Points Accumulation:
Award-winning users can earn points respectively, which can be accumulated to individual users as below:
1,First prize: 30 points
2, Second prize: 20 points
3, Third prize: 10 points
4, Fourth prize: 5 points

If you don’t have BESTEK products, or interested in any of our testing opportunities, you can apply Here

PS : Users who receives the email will reply with personal info within three working days, and will not wait for expiration.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:We can’t wait to see your join! Power on!