User’s Review By Author: gregswife1120_181922 | Blown away!

I wanted to give the Bestek M-Care Sonic Toothbrush a fair trial period. Before receiving the Bestek M-Care Sonic Toothbrush, I was using another popular brand sonic toothbrush. I did a side by side comparison. The base for both were the same in height, but the Bestek was slimmer. The brush head for the Bestek is rectangle while the other is oval.
The Bestek toothbrush came with 3 brush heads, a usb charging cable, brush handle, and a travel case. The bottom of the travel case is also the base the charge your brush. I absolutely love the overall feel of the entire set it has a matte velvety feel. Everything feels like it is very well made like it should cost over the $100 mark.
The brush handle has 3 modes (standard, soft and whitening) which is more than I get with my current sonic toothbrush. Each setting has a different timer of 2 min for standard, soft 2.5 minutes and whitening 3.minutes. For example if you want to user the standard mode you can choose to brush for 2 mins, 2.5 mins or 3 mins and so on for each level. The top chrome button on the brush handle controls the different modes (standard, soft , whitening) and the bottom one controls the amount of time. I am impressed that it will remember the setting on which you choose to brush Over all . Once it’s charged and you go to use it the sound it so low and each setting has a different sound.
The brush head glides very easily on the handle and has a snug fit. The bristles are very nice not too soft or too hard and there are blue bristles to tell you when it’s time to replace your brush as the blue fades away. There is even a tongue scraper on the back of the brush head. When brushing there is a intermittent pulse that tells you when to switch quadrants of your mouth. I tried each standard, soft and whitening but I preferred the whitening. My teeth felt so smooth and I could tell it got them cleaner than my other sonic toothbrush.
Overall I have to say that I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THE BESTEK-M-CARE SONIC TOOTHBRUSH!!! This will be my new toothbrush from here on out. I didn’t know there was anything better than the sonic toothbrush I was using. If you haven’t purchased one or didn’t believe that a sonic toothbrush was worth the money, I’m here to tell you the Bestek sonic toothbrush is the way to go!!!