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Author: @grimfand_179891

Amazing compact, light and powerful charging station and surge protector all in one

Amazing compact, light and powerful charging station and surge protector all in one.
The Bestek MRJJ8008-Plus is a nice improvement over its predecessor by adding 2 more AC outlets and wireless charging. My previous setup was using a 6 outlet power strip along with a 6 usb outlet charging station with one of the usb ports connected to a wireless charging pad. the amount of space all of these things took up not to mention the wires was quite a mess. The BESTEK Wireless Charger Desktop Power Strip replaces all of those in one super compact and neat clean package. It looks great sitting on my desk and I’ve been thrilled not having all those clunky devices sitting on my desk. I am very impressed overall with it.
When i opened up the box i was impressed how well the product is made. it is packed well with bubble wrap around the charging strip, comes with an instruction pamphlet that does a good job covering all the features and how to set it up. A warranty card which is 18 months, very generous compared to most products have 1 year warranties. One thing i found surprising was the charging block is not as heavy as I thought it would be. its fairly light and easy to move around. Even though it isn’t heavy the plastic it is made from is feels very sturdy and the power cord is extremely heavy duty and thick, i was very happy to see they did not skimp out on the power cord. The manual states the power strip can handle up to 1875w on the AC outlets and DC power is rated up to 40w total plenty of power to handle the six 2.4A usb ports along with the wireless charging pad. The wireless charging pad is stated to support 5w, so unfortunately lower than the 7.5w for iphones and 10-15 for android devices.
The AC outlets are extremely roomy, one of the main reasons I wanted to get this was for the widely spaced AC outlets. I have 2 wifi smart plugs that I cannot plug easily into my power strip and each one blocked 2-3 outlets. I had to resort to use a 3 way splitter to raise up the outlet so that the smart plug does block adjacent ones. I included a photo showing both of my smart plugs plugged in with no problem and plenty of clearance around them. This is the first power strip i have found that can accommodate this clunky smart plugs. A++ Bestek! Honestly this alone sold me on the product, everything else is just icing on the cake. I love the vertical tower form factor vs the long power strip. Another great feature is each of the 4 AC outlets are on a separate switches. Like on a normal power strip, there is a switch to turn on/off the outlets but Bestek goes one better by having two switches allowing you to turn on/off the top 4 and bottom 4 outlets independently. perfect if say you want to turn off some devices but not others. Examples include charging adapters that always normally drain a little power even when not attached to a phone but you might have a lamp or say a google mini or Alexa you want to keep powered always so you can’t just turn off the whole power strip. I use this feature for my laptop charger, normally i would always unplug my laptop every time I shut it down at night. Now I plug it into the bottom 4 outlets, after i turn off the laptop i simply press the button to turn those outlets off while things like my lamp and smart plugs I keep always powered on the top 4 outlets, so convenient! Saves wear and tear on my laptop plug/port.
There is a generous number of USB ports at 6, plenty to charge my phones, tablet and plug in my google home mini if i wanted, but I use its included power adapter in one of the AC outlets to keep enough usb for charging. The ports are rated at 2.4A so average speed to charge but unfortunately no quick charge 3.0 or USB-PD supported on this. To test the output current I plugged in my quick charge 3 supported phone at 61%, on the Bestek I got about 1080ma while using the QC 3.0 port on my charging block I would get 1780-2080ma of current, so QC does make a difference in charging speed. Also charging a Nintendo Switch is somewhat slow vs using its included charger, so having a USB-PD delivery port would have been nice. Maybe the -Plus-Plus model will have this?
A nice feature of the usb ports is that they only turn on when a device is attached, when you plug in your phone a green light turns on, it goes out when you unplug your phone but leave the cable attached to the Bestek. The box and manual advertises how there are led lights feature photosensitive induction , which is true. The green light reduces to 50% brightness when in dark room, then go to full brightness when the lights are turned on. Even at full brightness its not that bright which is nice. I have had charging hubs and plugs with obnoxiously bright blue leds what I have had to cover up at night. My smart plugs do as well, i have to drape something over them when i go to bed as they light up my room and disturb my sleep. One omission though, at least on my unit, the photosensitive feature only seems to apply to the usb ports. The on/off green leds for the AC outlets did not adjust for me whether the room was dark or not. Seems like a omission not to have all the LEDs adjust as i have AC outlet indicator lights facing towards my bed, thankfully its not too bright but i did adjust it so that they now face away.
The top of the device is the wireless charging plate and I had no issues charging Iphones and Samsung phones on it. Sometimes you do have to adjust the phone as the plate area is pretty large. the instruction booklet does explain well that the charging coil is dead center so you need to figure out where the coil is on your phone. There are pictures showing that phones may have it near the bottom, the top or center, which will change how you position your phone before assuming its not working. I have an older wireless charging pad so wireless charging speeds was comparable on the Bestek, but if you normally use a high wattage fast charger you’ll probably want to keep using that if need the faster charging speed. Also you would not want to plug your charging pad into the usb ports as they will not supply enough power for fast charging, thankfully you have 8 AC outlets to plug in the higher powered adapter. To be honest even with slower wireless charging I preferred the convenience of this power block as it cleared up the clutter of having a separate wireless charging pad and cable. Laying a phone on its top is convenient as its always open and clear, my desk gets cluttered so frequently i might have a notepad or something covering my charging pad, not a problem here, another win for Bestek.
Lastly there is a surge reset button just like other power strips in case you overload it which hasn’t’ happened for me but in case you try plugging in high current devices you’ll know if you overload it or not. The manual says it is rated up to 15A, so plenty of power for most things, even a small space heater.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the BESTEK Wireless Charger Desktop Power Strip, the added features from its less expensive predecessor i feel are worth it and make it a definite buy for me. is it perfect? No there is still room for improvement mainly I would like to see adding QC support to one of the usb ports and swapping out 1 or 2 usb-A ports for USB-C with USB-PD. Also wouldn’t hurt to increase the wireless charging to 10w so that all phones can fast charge. USB-PD is the future so adding QC support this late now might not be worth the trouble as eventually everything will go USB-PD.

Even with these minor quibbles I have replaced my my power strip, charging hub and wireless charging pad with the Bestek and could not imagine going back. Highly recommended!

8 roomy AC outlets - plenty of space to plug large adapters
AC outlets split into two groups, can be independently turned off on
6 USB ports with full 2.4A charging on all ports simultaneously along with auto detection - turns on/off when device is detached
Compact vertical design and well made
Heavy duty thick power cord with good length
Wireless Charging pad built in on top
Photosensitive Induction LEDs lights on USB ports

Power Plug blocks lower outlet if plugged into top outlet
No USB-PD or Qualcom Quickcharge support
No 7.5w or 10-15w wireless charging
Photosensitive Induction feature only on USB port LEDs, not AC outlet LEDs

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